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AMA, Agricultural Mechanization in Asia, Africa and Latin America

AMA, Agricultural Mechanization in Asia, Africa and Latin America (AMA) (issn: 00845841) is a peer reviewed journal first published online after indexing scopus in 1982. AMA is published by Farm Machinery Industrial Research Corp and Shin-Norinsha Co. AMA publishes every subjects of general engineering and agricultural engineering. Azerbaijan Medical Journal Gongcheng Kexue Yu Jishu/Advanced Engineering Science Zhonghua er bi yan hou tou jing wai ke za zhi = Chinese journal of otorhinolaryngology head and neck surgery Interventional Pulmonology Zhenkong Kexue yu Jishu Xuebao/Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology Wuhan Ligong Daxue Xuebao (Jiaotong Kexue Yu Gongcheng Ban)/Journal of Wuhan University of Technology (Transportation Science and Engineering) Zhonghua yi shi za zhi (Beijing, China : 1980)

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10 Feb 2023 (Vol - 54 , Issue- 02 )
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03 Feb 2023 (Vol - 54 , Issue 01 )

Aim and Scope :

AMA, Agricultural Mechanization in Asia, Africa and Latin America

AMA, Agricultural Mechanization in Asia, Africa and Latin America (ISSN: 00845841) is a peer-reviewed journal. The journal covers Agricultural and Biological Sciences and all sort of engineering topic. the journal's scopes are in the following fields but not limited to:

Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Electrical Engineering and Telecommunication
Electronic Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering
Civil and architectural engineering
Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Kiwifruit detection and counting on orchard video using YOLOv3-tiny and Kalman filter for yield estimation

Paper ID- AMA-05-09-2021-10689

Fruit yield estimation is an important task in modern orchard management. Producers can allocate labors, optimize resources, and increase harvest efficiency by accurately estimating fruit yields. In this paper, a video counting algorithm for kiwifruit was proposed based on YOLOv3-tiny and Kalman filter. Results showed that P, R and AP values of the YOLOv3-tiny reached 0.8258, 0.8353 and 0.8666, respectively, while average detection speed reached 31 ms per image. The tested average counting error between the video counting algorithm and manual counting is 7.2 fruits per video. The experimental results demonstrated that the video counting algorithm can be recommended for fruit counting in kiwifruit orchard.

Time Optimization for Internal Grinding C45 Carbon Steel

Paper ID- AMA-05-09-2021-10688

In this article, the results of an optimization study when internal grinding C45 carbon steel were introduced. In the problem, the objective function which was chosen is the minimum machining time. Besides, six main process parameters including the initial grinding wheel diameter, the grinding wheel width, the wheel life, the total depth of dressing cut, the radial grinding wheel wear per dress, and the tolerance grade were selected for the problem. The influence of these parameters on the optimal replaced wheel diameter was analyzed by designing and performing a simulation experiment. In addition, a regression formula to calculate the optimal replaced wheel diameter was found. It was reported that this formula is in good agreement with the experimental data.

Determining Optimum Replaced Wheel Diameter when Internal Grinding Tool Steel for Time Function

Paper ID- AMA-05-09-2021-10687

This paper presents the results of an optimization study to determine the optimal replaced wheel diameter when internal grinding tool steel. In this study, the minimum grinding time was chosen as the objective function. In addition, six main input parameters of the grinding process were selected for the investigation. The influence of these parameters on the optimal replaced diameter was analyzed. Moreover, a regression formula to calculate the optimal replaced wheel diameter has been proposed. It is convenient to use this formula because the formula is given as an explicit function.

No mass synchronous spawning of reef corals in Nha Trang bay, Vietnam (the western South China Sea)?

Paper ID- AMA-05-09-2021-10686

Nha Trang bay is located in the south-central waters of Vietnam and considered as part of the most diverse region within the western South China Sea. According to oceanographic studies, this coastal area is not influenced by cold water mass from the north in winter but subjected to summer upwelling. Specimens for the study on coral spawning of four species were collected at Hon Mieu Island (12°11'37.31"N and 109°14'1.82"E) and 2 nearby sites during 2016 – 2019. Mature eggs of branching Acropora florida and A. robusta were observed inside coral colonies in the time before to after the full moon of late March to early April in 2018 and March in 2019. Meanwhile, the tabulate coral of A. hyacinthus spawned in the period after the full moon of March 2019. The total time of spawning periods of the three Acropora species is around 10 days. The spawning time of the massive coral of Dipsastraea palida was one month later than that of branching Acropora corals, during the time before and after the full moon of late April to early May in 2018 and April 2019 with the mature period around a half month. Observation on the ratio of mature (pigmented) eggs by time showed possible multispecific spawning of some Acropora corals. Further analysis on spawning periods of 3 Acropora species and one faviid species indicated that spawning of corals in Nha Trang bay could occur for a long time and at different periods from March to May but not concentrated in short period (1 to 3 days) in the same time as occurrences of mass synchronous spawning of corals in many areas in the Indo – Pacific.

Effect of Plant Geometry and Weed Management on Yield and Quality Parameters of Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.)

Paper ID- AMA-04-09-2021-10685

An experiment on effect of plant geometry and weed management on yield and quality parameters of fennel was carried out at Agronomy Farm, Jobner, Jaipur, Rajasthan during the winter (rabi) seasons of 2016–17 and 2017–18. The experiment was laid out in split plot design with 3 replications, consisting of 24 treatments, namely, 4 plant geometries (50 x 20 cm, 50 x 25 cm, 60 x 15 cm and 60 x 20 cm) in main plot and 6 weed management measures (weedy check, two HW at 25 and 50 DAS, pendimethalin @ 0.75 kg/ha (PE), oxadiargyl @ 75 g/ha (PE), pendimethalin @ 0.75 kg/ha (PE) + one HW at 30 DAS and oxadiargyl @ 75 g/ha (PE) + one HW at 30 DAS) in sub plots. Pooled results showed that treatment with plant geometry 60 x 20 cm recorded significantly maximum seed, straw and biological yields and quality parameters viz. chlorophyll content at 75 DAS (1.87 mg/g), protein content (9.21%), oil content (1.541%) and oil yield (34.42 kg/ha) of fennel. Between weed management practices, HW twice at 25 and 50 DAS significantly improved the yield of crop and quality parameters viz; chlorophyll content at 75 DAS (1.85 mg/g), protein content (9.06%), oil content (1.471%) and oil yield (33.04 kg/ha) and proved superior to all the above parameters over weedy check and pre emergence with the application of oxadiargyl @ 75 g/ha. Application of pendimethalin @ 0.75 kg/ha (PE) + one hand weeding at 30 DAS, oxadiargyl @ 75 g/ha (PE) + one hand weeding at 30 DAS and pendimethalin @ 0.75 kg/ha (PE) 0.75 kg/ha were found the most remunerative and equally effective treatment with two HW treatment in all the above parameters.