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Title : Yield and economics attributed study of direct seeding and transplanting method on beds for onion (Allium Cepa L.) cropwith pneumatic precision multicrop planter and manual transplanting method along with rotary tiller cum bed former in indian conditions

Abstract :

The existing area of ​​vegetable planting in India is declining and cannot meet demand due to lack of mechanization. Labor costs associated with sowing and transplanting operations in vegetable planting are very high. Therefore, mechanization in sowing is important for increasing the area of ​​vegetable planting. In this regard, a precision multi-variety transplanter for onion cultivation was evaluated for the selected onion crop, the local sowing variety Punjab Naroyawas. The sowing interval was adjusted to 0.02x0.75 m in the laboratory. A 1.25 m wide floor was created by a rotary cultivator and bedformer, and the average fuel consumption was 6.93 and 7.01 lh -1 for cultivated and non-cultivated soils, respectively. Four lines of onions were sown on each bed using a pneumatic transplanter. Average speed 3. 36Km.H -1, average fuel consumption 2.65Lh -1, average RTR spacing, 20.42cm, the average depth of the seed 2 cm, the average PTP spacing 7.86Cm, average field amount 0. 17Ha.H - It was 1. The mean observation index (PI) of the transplanter was 4.52%. Mean bulbs weight and yield of onion seed by pneumatic precision-mix transplantation machine, 57.45G and 9,562kg. acre relative grafting method -1 and 57.86g and 10,515Kg. Acre -1 was. The cost and time savings of the pneumatic precision high-mix transplanter were 55.12% and 98.53% compared to the transplantation method. The profit-cost ratios for onion sowing by the pneumatic precision high-mix transplanter and the manual transplantation method were 5.11: 1 and 2.62: 1, respectively.

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