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Title : Waste to Wealth: India’s case of Growing Consumption Demand for Mushrooms in Post Pandemic Era

Abstract :

This paper is an attempt to highlight the increasing entrepreneurship opportunities in rural India arising out of an increase in demand for mushrooms in post pandemic era. Growing mushrooms is easy, less cost intensive and economy is different from the linear economy in the sense that it has no open loops. What is the end product or waste from a process is utilized as raw material in other process, and aids in further wealth generation. The purpose of this study is to assess the potential of one of such waste to wealth generating enterprises – mushrooms. A survey of 788 households across India suggests a positive outlook for mushroom industry in India. There is a wider acceptance of mushroom and its products among population, and many treat it as a relatively cheaper source of protein. About 68% respondents expected that the demand for mushroom by their family will increase in the future. Mushroom cultivation is finding pace in states like Bihar where many migrant workers during covid-19 pandemic have taken up mushroom cultivation as an income generating enterprise. All India Coordinated Projects on Mushrooms under Indian Council of Agricultural Research have been successful in creating hundreds on mushroom enterprises across India. Value added products of mushrooms could be a good way to introduce it among the population who does not appreciate the raw product. Supply chain strengthening will certainly lead to better reach of product to potential consumers.

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