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Title : Vertical distribution of sulphur speciation under continuous cropping of fingermillet- maize cropping sequence in an inceptisol over five decades

Abstract :

The sequential extraction of soil sulphur (S) species and their vertical distribution under continuous fertilization and intensive cropping in sandy clay loam soils were studied to understand the dynamics of soil S. The order of the species which was observed in different depths are as follows; Organic S > Heat soluble S > SO42- - S > Water soluble S and concentration has declined when increasing depths from surface to sub surface. The quantum of FYM applied in every year could build ups the sulphur in soil than mineral fertiliser alone. Irrespective of the nutrient management practices, 100% NPK + FYM @ 10 t ha-1 have significantly increased the sulphur and their fractions followed by 150 % NPK and 100% NPK + Zn treated plots. The lowest sulphur fractions were observed in control (T10) and recommended dose of fertiliser (-S free). When comparing the treatments, mineral fertilization plus FYM (10 t ha-1) shows the higher S than mineral fertiliser alone and depletion of S has noted in S free plot (DAP as P source) and absolute control.

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