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Title : Variation in soil physical properties among different slopes in submontane region of Northern India

Abstract :

The present study was conducted at Kokowal, Majari, Jhunewal and Bhadiar sites located in Hoshiarpur district of Punjab, Northern India. The soil samples were collected from upper, middle and lower slope positions of each site and analysed for soil physical properties. Significantly higher soil organic carbon (SOC) was observed in Bhadiar compared to all other locations. The average SOC increased significantly with the lower slope positions. Among all the sites, the significantly lowest mean value of bulk density was observed at Kokowal (1.45 Mg/m3) and highest at Jhunewal (1.48 Mg/m3). Saturated hydraulic conductivity was significantly low on lower slope position than upper slope position irrespective of soil depth at all sites. At lower slope position significantly less infiltration rate was observed over the upper slope position. Soil moisture retention varied from 12.0 to 16.2, 14.7 to 16.9 and 16.3 to 17.9 percent for upper, middle and lower slope position respectively. The moisture content of soil profile increased with increase in soil depth irrespective of slope position. The total moisture storage was 20.0, 23.1 and 24.9 cm on upper, middle and lower slope position respectively.

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