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Title : Validation of copper oxy chloride and streptocycline against BLB of cluster bean incited by Xanthomonas campestris pv. cyamopsidis

Abstract :

Guar is an important dry land Kharif crops of Haryana and India is the largest cluster bean producer of the world with approximately 80 percent contribution in production. The crop surviving under harsh conditions is very sensitive to bacterial leaf blight incited by Xanthomonas campestris pv. Cyamopsidis causing devastating losses. Based on different technology developed for the management of this disease, first the premeditated effect of seed treatment was experienced for effect on disease appearance and germination parameters related to yield points. Seeds of cultivar HG 2-20 and HG 563 were also soaked in the streptocycline solution at different temperature regimes for different time intervals in vitro. The soaking duration of 30 minutes at 250C was optimum for seedling length and overall seedling vigour. In vivo, the lowest disease severity at 45 DAS was recorded when seeds were soaked in streptocycline solution for 30 minutes or more. The fungicides namely copper oxy chloride along with antibacterial streptocycline was tested at different concentrations on guar cultivar HG 2-20 at two locations through seed treatment and foliar applications during Kharif 2017 and 2018. At farmers’ field, lowest disease severity and higher benefit cost ratio was recorded in case of copper oxy chloride @ 0.2% and streptocycline @ 75 ppm with maximum increase in yield over untreated check.

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