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Title : Unveiling the Yield Impact of Minor Millets in Tamil Nadu

Abstract :

The present study was undertaken to assess area and yield interaction of minor millets in Tamil Nadu. Data was consolidated for 20 years from 2002 ā€“ 2021. The linear, quadratic and exponential functions were fitted in order to analyze the angle of inclination in area, production and productivity of millets in Tamil Nadu. The results revealed that the ā€˜cā€™ value in quadratic functional forms for production and productivity are positive and significant for the total millets in Tamil Nadu but negative and non-significant for area coverage. Growing of millet crops is not risky as the CV of area, production and productivity of millet crops was found to be less than 0.438. It was found from the study that there is an increased production due to adoption of improved varieties of millets and recommended package of practices developed by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

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