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Title : Uncovering the seed germination and initial vigour potential of quality protein maize inbreds

Abstract :

Quality protein maize assures nutritional security with improved tryptophan and lysine content. Maize inbreds, in general, and QPM inbreds, in specific, suffer from low germination and seed storability. High seed germination and strong vigour of QPM inbreds contribute to the development of QPM hybrids with favourable field establishment and initial vigour. The present study aims to assess the variability in seed germination and vigour of twenty-eight elite QPM inbred lines developed in the QPM breeding programme and to identify the superior ones for further use. The mean germination percentage for all the inbred lines studied was 88.64%, with most inbred lines exceeding the minimum seed standard of 80%. However, a wide variation was observed for two important vigour traits, radicle emergence (RE) and electrical conductivity (EC). The RE varied from 28 to 96%, while the EC ranged from 14.13 to 109.35 µScm-1g-1. Interestingly, the inbreds with high germination showed significant variation in RE and EC. The correlation studies revealed a weak positive correlation between germination and RE while a significant negative correlation between germination and EC. Thus, the inbreds with high germination, good RE (%), and low EC identified from the present study can be used for developing QPM hybrids with good germination and increased initial seed vigour.

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