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Title : Training needs of farmers in technology diversification for soil health management practices

Abstract :

The present study has been carried out in two agro-climatic zones of Haryana state of India; viz. north-eastern zone and south-western zone. The outcome visualized in this paper after conducting a field survey, a total of 240 farmers, who were interviewed with a well-structured interview schedule. The findings revealed that farmers have high need of training in ‘Crop residue management (paddy-straw reaper/chopper)’, ‘Pest and disease control/IPM’,’ Fertilizer management/INM’ and ‘Soil and water testing’ for keeping the soil health and sound. The least Training required management practices by farmers are ‘Bunding for controlling erosion’, ‘Intercultural operation’ and ‘Pasture management practices’. The study also found that about 75% farmers have need of training regarding different soil health management practices.

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