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Title : Traffic Aware Secure Communication Using Worm Swarm Optimization for VANETS

Abstract :

The ‘Vehicular Ad hoc Network’ (VANET) has appeared as a feasible field of research. The VANETs performance is widely influenced by the routing protocol (RP). Hence, to make the RPs vigorous to recurrent communication disruptions and also aware of unstable traffic conditions, new routing techniques need to be integrated. Those protocols are termed traffic aware protocols (TAP) because their routing decisions are affected by the traffic status. Here, a TAP is designed for an urban environment. Initially, the traffic parameters for instance, traffic density (TD) and average speed are determined. The prediction of the TD besides the vehicle speed is done by employing the ‘Weighted Moving Average’ (WMA) technique. The optimization of the traffic-aware routing protocol (TARP) is done using the Hybrid ‘Worm Swarm Optimization’ (GWSO) algorithm. Moreover, this algorithm is a merge of the GWSO and the ‘Genetic Algorithm’. Finally, the performance was evaluated by determining a few metrics and then a comparative scrutiny was done.

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