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Title : Theoretical research into force interaction between vibrational lifting tool and root

Abstract :

When cultivated roots are lifted from the soil with the use of vibrational lifting tools, damage to their bodies is inflicted, in particular, they are broken off at the points of contact with the tool. The problem is especially pronounced in the case, when the root bodies sit in dry and firm soil, which results in the impact contact between the digging shares of the lifting tool and the root body. The aim of the present research is to determine and validate the rational design and kinematic parameters of the vibrational lifting tool for its force interaction with the root, when lifting the latter from the soil, under the condition of excluding damage to it. As a result of the carried out transformations, analytical expressions have been obtained for determining the impact impulse as well as the maximum permissible frequency of the tool’s oscillations and its mass reduced to the point of impact under the condition of not damaging the root. The results of the research provide for determining the rational parameters of the vibrational lifting tool. The tool oscillation frequency values that ensure the minimum root damage and loss rates and are appropriate for practical use in the operation of real root harvesters have been recommended. In the context of the design, kinematic and process parameters incidental to the existing root harvesters, the above-mentioned oscillation frequencies of the vibrational lifting tool can vary within the range of 8.0-21.2 Hz.

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