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Title : The vehicle controller test system of dual-motor driving electric tractor

Abstract :

As the core of electric tractor, the performance of vehicle controller directly determines the power and economy of the tractor. The main purpose of the design and development of the test system was to test the CAN communication effect of the whole controller and the rationality of the established control strategy. The test system adopted modular design method, and designed the vehicle controller module, driver control module, power output module, fault monitoring module and display control module. The test system simulated the real working state of the tractor and tested the control strategy of the vehicle controller. When the load of the electric tractor changed, the control strategy would adjust the torque output of the motor in real time to ensure that the two motors are in the high-efficiency zone. The test system was used to test the vehicle controller of electric tractor, which laid a foundation for the development of the whole vehicle controller of electric tractor.

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