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Title : The Pivotal Role of Home Environment in Academically Bright Rural Young Adolescents’ Creative Endeavors

Abstract :

During the recent few decades educators and parents have emphasized on the special talents, needs and abilities of children. Therefore, solving problems in creative way is recognized as a major factor in achieving high educational aims which is only possible through creativity. Additionally, world requires innovators to solve global social, economic and environmental issues. Hence, both creativity and innovation have become areas of concern worldwide. Hence, the present study was designed in such a way to investigate the influence of home-environment related variables (number of siblings, birth order and land holding) on the young adolescents’ creativity. To achieve this aim, standardized Passi Test of Creativity (PTC, 2006) developed by B.K. Passi was implemented on 300 academically bright rural young adolescents (both boys and girls) aged between 12 and 14 years. Results findings elucidated significant differences in unusual uses flexibility across birth order of the adolescents. Unusual uses fluency, unusual uses flexibility and unusual uses creativity had significant differences across number of siblings. Highly significant differences were elucidated in young adolescents’ inquisitiveness level.

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