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Title : The Mechanisation of Crop Cultivation leading to Food Security in China

Abstract :

In recent years, global food security has worsened due to serial vital issues such as global warming, global food supply chain disruption by the pandemic, military conflicts hampered global food access from major food supplier such as Russian and Ukraine. This paper is to study if development of mechanisation can promote crop cultivation so as to ensure food security. This paper uses panel data from twenty-seven (27) provinces (townships, cities, and districts) in China from 1978 to 2018 and engages a linear mixed model to study the impact of agricultural mechanisation in China on cultivated land with staple crops. The research results obtained are as follows: First, the mechanisation rate for crops has a significant positive impact on the proportion of cultivated areas with staple crops; second, the growth in the mechanisation rate has a substantial effect on the proportion of corn grown areas; third, the mechanisation rate has a significant effect on the proportion of regions cultivated for staple crops show more substantial impact in terrains (the eastern and central areas of the country), and the flatter the terrain, the more significant the impact.

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