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Title : The Levers For Improving Irrigated Durum Wheat Performances: Evidence from Jendouba region in North Tunisia

Abstract :

In Tunisia, despite the outstanding development of the production technologies, the achieved yields of the irrigated durum wheat are still under expectations. This work aims to establish an operational diagnosis of the irrigated durum wheat activity and to identify alternatives for improving its performance. In order to deal with this issue, a field survey was carried out among a sample of 77 farmers cultivating durum wheat. Using CROPSYST software, a crop model was developed and scenarios of good practices were simulated. The results showed that we are able to rise the yields up to 20% and to improve the water productivity and the gross Margin. Hence results proved that matching water intakes and crop rotation constitutes relevant practices to ensure better agronomical and economical performances. The concretization of these paths requires a concerted reflection between the actors to put forward suitable strategies according to the studied context.

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