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Title : Textile Waste Reduction by Upcycling

Abstract :

The pace at which new clothes are produced and discarded is an unhealthy process and not safe for the planet. Clothes dumped to landfills take decades to degrade and decompose while they are continuously emitting methane and pollute the soil and water. Moreover, the production process of cotton fibre has a high impact on the environment since it requires a great amount of water and chemicals. In order to keep up with the increasing consumption of textiles, upcycling of textile waste is considered as one of the way required to cope up effectively with the prevalent problem. Hence, a study was conducted to explore the possibility of upcycling apparel waste. The innovative upcycled utility articles were developed from pre and post textile and apparel waste. The cost acceptability of upcycled articles was assessed and the cost of the developed upcycled utility articles constructed by using entirely post apparel waste and combination of pre & post apparel waste was considered ‘appropriate’ as compared to upcycled utility articles prepared by using post apparel waste along with new fabric. Experts had high opinion regarding upcycling of pre and post apparel waste.

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