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Title : Technique Enlarge Power Brightening Without Adding Power Electricity

Abstract :

The savings in power electricity consumption should be done in order to be enjoyed by many people. Method lowering the location of the point of the lamp can increase the intensity of illumination and can increase the ability of the power of view from the eye. The length decreases the lamp point depending on the size of the subject anthropometry stood up hands grasping. From 6 lamps TL2x18 watt which mounted, generating intensity of illumination about 336.43 lux on the decline throughout the 90 cm and 344 luces along 99 cm. In Table 1 it appears that the intensity of illumination 344 lux and 336.43 lux can see with bright the letter height 2.2 cm and a width of 1 cm as far as 488 cm. This method can be used anywhere and can help in saving energy.

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