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Title : Sustainability of sugarcane cultivation and production in India – A review

Abstract :

India is a most important sugarcane producer in the world and its yield potential is continuously increasing from last two decades to meet global energy requirements. Sugarcane is mainly grown for production of sugar obtained from sugarcane juice. Molasses, Bagasse and ethanol are secondary products that are obtained in sugarcane cultivation. Sugarcane is most imperative cash crop of India therefore it is assumed more profitable to farmers. The most important contemplations during sugarcane planting are selection of appropriate sett planting techniques, nutrient management through judicious use of organic and inorganic sources of nutrients including bio fertilizers and effective weed management. This paper is a comprehensive review of advanced package and practices of sugarcane cultivation practiced in India. On the basis of literature available for sugarcane cultivation, the adoption of best management practices is among researchable priorities that can be developed to consolidate the large potential of sugarcane production towards greater sustainability.

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