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Title : Susceptibility of different rejuvenated mango cultivars to Leaf cutting weevil (Deporaus marginatus)

Abstract :

Mango leaf cutting weevil is the important serious pest of mango in sub-Himalayan Terai region of West Bengal. The incidence of leaf cutting weevil was recorded on rejuvenated plants of different mango cultivars Amrapali, Mallika, Himsagar, Fazli and Langra after the emergence of new leaves. The leaf cutting weevil incidence were correlated with different weather parameters like maximum and minimum temperature, relative humidity and rainfall. Among the all-weather parameters the leaf cutting weevil maximum incidence positively correlated with minimum temperature in cvs. Mallika (r = 0.803*) and Langra (r ꞊ 0.720*). In Amrapali the highest incidence was correlated with maximum relative humidity (r ꞊ 0.660*), Fazli (r ꞊ 0.652*) and Himsagar (r ꞊ 0.643*) the maximum incidence was correlated with minimum temperature and maximum relative humidity. Stepwise regression equation was developed to predict the infestation of leaf cutting weevil on rejuvenated mango cultivars as affected by the prevailing weather parameters like temperature, relative humidity and rainfall were considered for individual variables for regression analysis. Maximum regression coefficient (R2 = 0.703) was recorded in Mallika followed by Amrapali (R2 = 0.629), whereas, the minimum value was recorded in Himsagar (R2 = 0.488).

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