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Title : Supplementation of Graded Levels of an Ethanolic Extract from Rumen Liquor as a Prebiotic in Broiler Chicken Diets: Effects onFeed Intake and Growth Performance

Abstract :

We conducted the present work to determine the optimum dose of ethanolic extract of rumen liquor as a prebiotic for broiler chicken. Rumen liquor collected from the slaughterhouse was processed to precipitate a soluble fiber fraction. A growth trial was conducted for 42 days on 480 broiler chicks divided into four groups: CO, RL0.025, RL0.05 and RL0.10. The chicks were fed a maize-soybean-based pre-starter diet (1-14 days), starter diet (15-21 days), and finisher diet (21-42 days) supplemented with RL fraction at the rate of 0.0%, 0.025%, 0.05%, and 0.1% (w/w) for CO, RL0.025, RL0.05 and RL0.10 groups, respectively. Live weight gain was comparable for all groups till the starter stage. In the finisher stage, significantly higher growth, better FCR and PER were observed in RL-supplemented birds compared to the CO birds, with the best performance in the RL0.10 group. It is concluded that RL extract supplementation effectively improves the growth performance of broiler chickens without an increase in feed intake. However, supplementation at 0.10% (w/w) level in feed is more effective than lower doses in improving the growth performance of broiler chickens, which resulted in higher savings in rearing costs.

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