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Title : Supplementation of a Prebiotic Fraction Isolated from Rumen Liquor in Broiler Chicken Diets: Effects on Haematology, Hepatic Function Tests and Lipid Profile

Abstract :

The present research scrutinized the impact of replacing antibiotics from broiler chicken diets with rumen liquor fraction (RL) or xylooligosaccharides over haematological profile, liver function assay and lipid profile. Rumen liquor was collected from a slaughterhouse and processed to recover a soluble fiber fraction. Day-old broiler chicks (Ven Cobb-400 strain, n = 480) were grouped into four groups, namely CO (Unsupplemented), RL (0.05% RL), XOS (0.05% Xylooligosaccharides), and AB (Enramycin 0.0125%), with 6 replicates (n=20) per group. Six chickens per replicate were slaughtered for sample collection at 42 days age. Haemoglobin levels of the RL, XOS, and AB groups were significantly lower than the CO group. Total leucocyte count and eosinophils (%) were significantly higher in the XOS group. No significant difference was observed between dietary groups for the liver function assay. Significantly higher HDL cholesterol levels were observed in the prebiotic-supplemented groups, whereas significantly lower triglyceride and VLDL levels were observed in XOS-supplemented birds.

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