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Title : Studying the Impacts of Process Parameters on the Cost of Blasting Process Using Boron Carbide Nozzle

Abstract :

The aims of this study are to find out an optimum set of data minimizing cleaning cost for the abrasive blasting system with a boron carbide nozzle. In this study, the nozzle wear rate per hour, the time for changing a nozzle, the compressive power were chosen as the input parameters to optimize for finding the maximum nozzle lifetime as well as the minimum cleaning cost. A screening experiment is developed. The results show that the compressive power has the dominant effect on the cleaning cost, while two remaining process parameters have minor impacts on the response. The cleaning cost maximizes of 4.108 USD/m2 at the nozzle wear rate per hour of 10-3 mm/h, the time for changing a nozzle of 10 min, and the compressive power of 1030 kW.

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