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Title : Study on Working Condition Monitoring and Dosage Stability Control of Boom Sprayer

Abstract :

With the development of intelligent control technology, precision and intelligent requirements are put forward for traditional plant protection operations. Therefore, intelligent spraying technology has become an important research direction in the field of plant protection in the future. Based on the Internet of Things technology and measurement & control technology, a real-time monitoring system of the working state for the sprayer is designed in this paper, which can not only realize the remote monitoring of job status, but also upload the monitoring results to the remote server. The monitored parameters mainly include spray flow, spray pressure, machine speed, work trajectory, environmental wind speed et al. The overflow flow control device is built through flow valve and solenoid valve, and the target flow control is realized based on Fuzzy-PID control algorithm. The results of vehicle test show that the control error between the actual application amount and the target amount is less than 2% at different driving speeds.

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