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Title : Study on The Mechanical and Control Aspect in the Design of a Robotic Harvesting System for Vertical Farm

Abstract :

According to The United Nation (UN), 80% of the world population are predicted to be living in the Urban area by 2050, food security is going to be a real issue especially in the urban area. Therefore, sustainable agricultural solutions like vertical farming, indoor farming and robotic harvester are to be widely studied and explored in order to ensure the survivability of humankind of the next generation are secure. This paper presents some of the critical parameters needed to design a robotic harvester in a vertical farming greenhouse. The vertical farm in this study has 5 levels with 3 rows on each level and adopting the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Hydroponic system. The robotic harvester was proposed to have a robotic arm moving on a vertical and horizontal rail. The robotic control system was design to work wirelessly using Radio Frequency (RF) as the transmitter. Five experiments were done in order to determine some of the critical parameters and the parameters were wireless connectivity, wireless coverage, robot aim calibration, robot arm torque limitation and natural arm movement programming approach.

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