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Title : Study on the Effect of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer with Biofertilizer on Crop Growth and Yield Attributing Performance of Sprouting Broccoli under Central Uttar Pradesh Condition

Abstract :

A field experiment was conducted during the Rabi season 2018–2019 and 2019–2020 at Vegetable Research Farm, Department of Vegetable Science, Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur Uttar Pradesh 208002, India. It comprised twelve treatment levels of fertilizer in a randomized block-design with three replications. The growth parameters of the sprouting broccoli crop were significantly affected by the fertilizer treatments. Maximum plants height viz. (28.19 cm, 49.39 cm, and 51.19 cm), number of leaves per plant (9.48, 16.81 and 18.84), length of leaf (9.55 cm, 47.54 cm, and 48.93 cm), the width of a leaf (5.99 cm, 21.61 cm, and 24.09 cm) and maximum plant spread (37.30 cm, 59.78 cm, and 69.13 cm) respectively at 30, 60 days after transplanting and at harvesting stage were observed in treatment (T8):-Vermicompost @ 5 tons/ha + Azotobacter @ 2 kg /hectare and minimum value were under control conditions (T0). Yield and yield contributing characters like days taken to first head initiation (51.15 days), days taken to 50% head initiation (55.16 days), days taken to head maturity (72.11 days), stalk diameter (3.52 cm), stalk length (21.39 cm), head diameter (12.62 cm), head length (7.25 cm), head width (12.89 cm), weight of head with jacket leaves (1283.20 g), weight of head without jacket leaves (510.88 g), (%) loss of head weight (g) stored at room temperature (6.44%), marketable yield (6.21 kg/plot) and head yield (186.99 q/haetc. were highest in treatment (T8): Vermicompost @ 5 tons/ha + Azotobacter@2 kg / hectare.

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