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Title : Study on Tagetes minuta (Fam. Asteraceae) essential oil and its effects on some stored product insects

Abstract :

The study curried out to study the chemical composition of tagette essential oil and evaluate the insecticidal activities of tagette oil against two major stored product insects Tribolium castaneum and Rhyzopertha dominica. The study indicated that, Dihydrotagetone was the main component in tagette oil with 28.85 % percentage of total oil followed by Cis- Ocimene with 26.91%. For T. castaneum the highest concentration 0.24 mg/cm2 had the highest repellent effect with 87.5% repellency after over the 24 h duration. All tested concentrations had a repellent effect on R. dominica the repellency percentage was increased with increasing exposure period and concentrations. tagette essential oil showed fumigant toxicity against R. dominica and T.castaneum. However, R. domenica was considerably more susceptible than T. castaneum. For R. dominica after 3 h tagette essential oil had fumigant effect, with LC50 value 0.26 mg/cm3 while after 6 h tested oil had fumigant effect with LC50 value 0.17 mg/cm3. While after 48 h T. minuta oil had the fumigant effect with LC50 value 0.48 mg/cm3. tagette oil had contact effect at all exposure periods of exposure against T. castaneum with LC50 of (7942.9, 3375.0 and 2967.7 mg/kg) after 24, 48 and 72 h of exposure, respectively. Data also showed that tested essential oil had contact effect on adults of R. dominica with LC50 of (820.7 and 665.5 mg/kg) after 24 and 48 h of exposure, respectively.

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