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Title : Study on supplemental protease on growth performance and serum biochemical parameters in broiler chicken

Abstract :

Protease supplementation in the diet will allow decreasing the inclusion of soybean meal and permitting to other cheaper protein sources without compromising the nutrient value and ultimate performance. A broiler trial was conducted for a period of 42 days to study the efficacy of protease enzyme addition in the performance of broilers. A total of 500 commercial broiler chicks were divided into 5 treatment groups (T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5). The protease enzyme was added in T4 and T5 at the rate of 0.6 kg per ton. Broiler pre starter, starter and finisher diet was formulated. The temperature during pelleting process was 80-85 oC with the maximum time duration of 45 seconds and the crumble feed was prepared from pellet. Based on the production performance, the cost effectiveness was calculated. The feed conversion ratio was significantly better in protease enzyme supplemented groups when compared to control diet and negative control treatment. The better FCR (1.75) was noted in protease supplementation (0.6 kg/ton) with 100 kcal ME and 1.0 percent protein reduced treatment. Dressing percentage and intestinal length was significantly higher in protease supplementation The protease supplemented group showed lower (Rs 4.57 to 6.59) feed cost than control group.

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