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Title : Study on dry anaerobic digestion of organic household waste in villages and towns

Abstract :

The purpose of this paper is to study the problems existing in dry anaerobic digestion of organic household waste and to provide theoretical basis for follow-up research. A study on medium temperature dry anaerobic digestion of simulated organic household waste was carried out in Datun Street, Peixian County, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, the experimental period was 60 d. On the tenth day of digestion, the concentration of ammonia nitrogen reached 1183.30 mg·L-1, and the concentration of ammonia nitrogen was as high as 4923.12mg·L-1 finally. Due to the high nitrogen content and total solid content of digestion substrate, serious acidification and ammonia nitrogen inhibition occurred in the digestion system, resulting in low methane content which the maximum only 30%. The cumulative biogas production could reach 361.68 L·kgVS-1, while the cumulative methane production was only 44.73 L·kgVS-1. The results of high-throughput sequencing showed that the digeston process was single in the bacteria and archaea, which explained one of the reasons for the serious inhibition of ammonia nitrogen.

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