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Title : Study of delay factors in civil projects (Case Study: FHWA-04)

Abstract :

The execution of most development projects nationwide is national and its validity is concentrated in the Ministry of Housing. However, according to the reports, nearly a large number of those projects have failed to be completed in the anticipated time. Any size of the budget and allocations approved for development projects, which contribute significantly government investments and expenditures. If it is unrealistic or less expert, the likelihood of the execution period will be longer. One of the most common development projects, which is not often defined in accordance with the pre-defined schedule and is accompanied by significant time delay, is the bridge structure. Therefore, in this study, based on structural special importance, the factors of delay in the bridge structure were studied. The bridge studied in this study is a highway bridge No. 4 of the United States (FHW04). In this study, according to experts and through questionnaire, the most important factors that delay the implementation of the proposed bridge are investigated. the results of the study show that among the three main indices of delay (financial factors, supervision and executive management) in the project implementation process, the indicator of financial factors with a normal weight of 0.419. Executive management index with normal weight of 0.293, and the normal weight monitoring indicator is 0.248 for the third priority.

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