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Title : Studies on variability in Seedling Tree Population of Pecan nut [Carya illinoensis (Wang) K Koch.] for nut and kernel characteristics in Jammu and Kashmir

Abstract :

Survey was undertaken to explore the existing variability in Pecan [Carya Illinoensis (Wang) K Koch.] of seedling tree origin in Jammu province for utilization its potential in future breeding programmes. Out of total seedling tree population in the region 60 healthy and bearing trees were marked to access the available genetic variability in pecan nut germplasm. Based on the characterization and evaluation of nut and kernel characteristics pecan trees excelled in major economically important characteristics. All the 60 seedling trees exhibited extreme variation for individual traits. The results revealed that nut shape in ventral view varied from circular to ovate, nut shape in cross section varied from narrow oblate to circular, shape of apex from lateral view varied from rounded to acute, length of tip varied from short or absent to long, area covered by spots on nut varied from small to large, kernel adherence to shell varied from weak to strong and intensity of brown colour in kernel varied from light to dark.

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