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Title : Studies on mineral and microbial composition of blended pearl millet cake during storage

Abstract :

Pearl millet is the staple for economically poorer section of the world’s population and it is rich in mineral like phosphorus, calcium and iron content. Cake is one of the most popular bakery products. Generally, it is prepared from refined wheat flour but in the present study the mineral content of cake samples were improved by the use of various blends of refined wheat and pearl millet flour (90:10, 80:20, 70:30, 60:40, 50:50 and 100:00 refined wheat flour was the control sample with other ingredients. The results showed that the phosphorus, calcium and iron content of cake decreased with an increase in storage period. No microbial count was detected in the fresh samples, but it increased with an increase in the storage period but was within the safe limits. On the basis of sensory evaluation (colour, texture, flavour and taste) of cake, treatment T3 (80:20: refined wheat pearl millet flour) was adjudged to be the best among all the treatments with mean score of colour 7.57, texture 7.77, flavour 7.63 and taste 7.82, respectively.

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