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Title : Studies on Gene Effects of Pearl millet Hybrids in Arid Conditions

Abstract :

Present investigation was carried out to study combining ability effects along with inheritance of grain yield and its component traits in 77 hybrids of pearl millet. The results of both GCA and SCA variances were found significant for majority of characters. The ratio of GCA and SCA variance indicated the predominance of non-additive gene action for all the characters studied. From the results of GCA effects, it was revealed that a number of parents namely, ICMA 98222, ICMA 88004, ICMA 93333, ICMA 30199 ICMA 30201 and ICMA 10444, (female parents), BIB 511-520, BIB 481-500, BIB 561-570 and BIB 571-581 (male parents) were found to be better general combiner for grain yield and most of its component characters. On the basis of SCA effects the crosses namely, ICMA 97111 x BIB 561-570, ICMA 98222 x BIB 481-500, ICMA 88004 x BIB 501-510 and ICMA 93333 x BIB 551-560 were identified as superior for seed yield and related traits over the environments. Therefore, these parents and hybrids are recommended for utilization in development of promising hybrids as well as their use in population improvement.

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