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Title : Studies of Phenological growth stages of different Psidium guajava L cultivar through BBCH scale under subtropical condition

Abstract :

Phenological growth stages of different varieties (Lalit, Shweta, Allahabad Safeda, Dharidar and HPSI 46) guava was observed according to BBCH scale and the data were recorded in different stages in days. Earliest Bud swelling, bud growth begins and first leaves sprouting was found earliest Dharwar. Minimum number of days taken for leaves unfolded in Cv. HPSI 46, minimum days was recorded to complete leaves development in cultivar shweta, while Allahabad Safeda showed earliest flower buds. Least days taken to express of first flower buds, flower petals elongating and sepals totally opened found by cultivars Shweta, Lalit and Allahabad Safeda respectively. The minimum days required by cultivars Shweta and Allahabad Safeda to produce 50% flowers open, petal fall and fruit setting respectively.

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