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Title : Structural Design and Simulation Analysis of the Cleaning Device of the Double Frame Plate Combine Harvester

Abstract :

In order to solve the problem that the crops with relatively high humidity are easy to accumulate on the shaking plate, this paper designs a cleaning device. The cleaning device comprises a first frame plate, a shaking plate, a second frame plate, a sieve body, and a driving mechanism. The shaking plate is mounted in the first frame plate and is connected to a shaking device. The second frame plate is connected to the first frame plate through a crank mechanism. The sieve body is mounted in the second frame plate. The driving mechanism is connected to the shaking device and the second frame plate, and configured for driving the shaking device to cause the shaking plate to shake and driving the second frame plate to cause the sieve body to perform a sieving motion. During operation, the shaking plate performs a variable accelerated motion, materials falling on the shaking plate are evenly delivered to a throwing rod and cleaning sieves under the action of an inertial force of the shaking plate, and the throwing rod is enabled by a crank-connecting rod mechanism to perform a throwing motion in an up- and-down reciprocating manner, which helps to scatter the materials and keep the materials in a wind field for a longer time, giving full play to the cleaning capacity of the wind field. This paper simulates the cleaning device by EDEM-Fluent coupling. The simulation results show that the cleaning device meets the general technical requirements.

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