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Title : Status And Need Of Mechanization Of Oil Palm Harvesting In Telangana

Abstract :

Oil palm is a tree without branches but with many wide leaves at its top. It has become the world’s number one plantation crop because of its unparalleled productivity. One of the important and cumbersome activities in palm fruit cultivation is harvesting. Harvesting of oil palm is difficult due to its thorns like cut stems. Harvesting is being carried out manually by using sickle and pole arrangement. But the process is cumbersome and needs lot of effort. To reduce the difficulty of harvesting and to achieve good productivity of the crop an optimum machine has to be developed. Much research was done in this sector, but still the industry is in the need of an optimum machine. Hydraulic lifting platforms, motorized (cantas) cutters, pneumatically operated cutters, were developed but these have their own setbacks. Recently, focus was drawn towards the robotics. Here, this paper explains all the available and developing technologies in the area of harvesting of oil palm.

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