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Title : Soil Physical Characteristics And Aggregate Stability Influenced By Different Land Uses In Humid Subtropics of Silt-Loam Soils In East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya

Abstract :

Information about the soil physical and structural quality of diverse land-uses (LUS) is essential for the sustainable development, utilization, and protection of natural resource viz. soil in plateau of Meghalaya. In this study, depth wise (0-0.15 m and 0.16-0.30 m) particle size distribution, bulk density (BD), particle density (PD), maximum water holding capacity (MWHC), aggregated (Silt+Clay), structural stability index (St), mean weight diameter (MWD) and geometric mean weight diameter (GMD) were analyzed under Jhum-System, Mixed-Forest, Pine-Forest, Rice-Potato, Rice-Cole Crop, Upland Rice-Monocrop, Lowland Rice-Monocrop, Upland Pineapple-System and Upland Broom-System suited in Upper Shillong, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. The results showed alteration in sand, silt, clay, BD, PD, MWHC, AG (Silt+Clay), St, MWD and GMD in relation to diverse land uses (LUS). The Mixed-Forest soils had the lowest BD (1.15 Mg/m3), at surface and highest in Rice-Potato (1.39 Mg/m3). The mean content of PD and MWHC in all types LUS were varies between 2.40-2.75 (Mg/m3) and 45.04-58.37%, respectively whereas highest PD and MWHC was recorded in Jhum-System and upland Broom-System, respectively. The BD of different LUS was increases with depth and MWHC decreases with depth. The ranges of AG (Silt+Clay), MWD, GMD and St were ranging from 67.19-75.98%, 1.08-2.42 (mm), 0.61-1.25 (mm) and 3.81-6.87%, while highest and lowest value were observed in all LUS in surface soil Mixed-Forest and Rice-Cole Crop. On an average in the subsurface soil all soil aggregate parameters were decline in different LUS. Correlation between aggregating elements and aggregate stability parameters with MWD viz. GMD and St were positively correlated with MWD @ 0.01 per cent level (2-tailed) under different LUS in 0-15 cm whereas sand and clay have no correlation with MWD. Relationship between silt, AG (Silt+Clay) with sand had strongly negative correlation, while with St has strongly positive correlation @ 99 per cent confidence level.

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