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Title : Socio-Economic Assessment of Chickpea Growers in Banda District of Bundelkhand Region (Uttar Pradesh)

Abstract :

The present study carried out in the Banda district of Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh. The chickpea is considered as the second most important pulse crop of the common beans. It is cultivated in over 50 countries throughout the tropical, subtropical and temperate regions. India is the largest producer consumer and importer of the pulses. The Banda district comprises eight blocks i.e. Badokharkhurd, Jaspura, Tindwari, Naraini, Mahuwa, Baberu, Bisanda and Kamasin. Among these, eight block Baberu block was selected purposively, because it had largest area and production in chickpea. From the Baberu block, six villages were selected randomly and from each village 20 chickpea growers were also selected randomly to Banda District. The variables of socioeconomic status of chickpea growers had revealed that the average age was found 54.64 years and marital status revealed the 96.67 per cent growers were married with average family size was found 8.25 members. It has also observed there 74.16 per cent of farm family were living as joint family and 92.50 per cent farm families belongs to hindu community. Further the study revealed 70.83 per cent chickpea growers were literate, 86 per cent growers were living in mixed and katcha house and the majority growers were engaged in the on farm activities, their average annual income was found Rs.134533.

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