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Integrated management practices offer optimum use of land and farm resources through combination of various climate smart agricultural practices and other improved farming practices at common platform. However, there exists a major concern of their awareness level among farmers which ultimately leads to low level of adoption among the farmers particularly in situation like Haryana where small and marginal land holdings farmers are dominated. The data were collected from Haryana state of India with the help of well- structured and pre-tested interview schedule and analysed with Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. Research findings concluded that farmers awareness level was observed to be the highest about the INM increase the crop yield with weighted mean score (WMS) 2.02, excessive pesticides use is hazardous (2.03), weeds compete for light, water and nutrients (2.14), integrated farming system helps to reduce the cost of production (1.91), organic farming reduces input cost and enhances food quality (2.36), zero tillage reduce the field preparatory, labour and fuel costs (1.78), information and communication technologies provide information accurately, frequently and timely (1.64), e-marketing promote the cashless transaction (1.88), and crop insurance minimize the risk of crop failure (2.28). Hence, it is suggested that sincere efforts by government are required for promotion of such eco-friendly and sustainable practices in the country.

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