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Title : Simulation analysis of hydraulic brake drive for an earth moving equipment using elastic model

Abstract :

Nonlinear properties of fluids and hydraulic brake drive system (HBDs) components have a great effect on the braking performance. The purpose of this study is to consider their effects on the braking performance. Firstly, the theoretical basis of the elastic model of the hydraulic brake system is proposed based on the nonlinear properties of the fluids and the system compositions. And then a nonlinear mathematical model of HBDs of full power hydraulic brake system with the wet multi disc brakes for an earth- moving equipment is set up for simulation and analysis which uses Matlab/Simulink software to simulate and analyze with the set of parameters of fluid and HBDs. The simulation results show that the system responses change in accordance with the elastic properties of the fluid in the brake drive system. Finally, the fluid properties and structural parameters of HBDs are investigated their effects on the system response time and the pressure fluctuations. The obtained results show that the survey parameters of fluid and HBDs have a significant effect on the system response times and the pressure fluctuations.

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