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Title : Screening of tomato varieties against the infestation of tomato fruit borer, Helicoverpa armigera during spring in semi-arid condition of Rajasthan

Abstract :

Among the different tomato varieties, infestation of fruit borer, H. armigera was lowest in Arka Vikash (0.94 larvae/plant), while highest in Karishma (2.11 larvae/plant). Similarly, the fruit damage on number and weight basis was recorded lowest Arka vikash (16.80 and 15.77 per cent) and maximum in Karishma (35.96 and 33.78 per cent). On the basis of per cent fruit damage, Arka Vikash and Kashi Amrit were categorized as moderately resistant, while NDTVR, Kashi Anupam, Hem Shona, Azad T-5 and RS-2 as moderately susceptible. With more than 30 per cent fruit damage, Pusa Ruby, Rocky and Karishma were categorized as susceptible.

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