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Title : Screening of Coconut Cross Combinations for Reaction Against Major Pests of Coconut

Abstract :

Observations on rhinoceros beetle leaf damage, red palm weevil plant damage, eriophyid mite nut damage and rugose spiraling whitefly infestation index were taken at the yearly interval in 10 years old palms in five cross combinations of Tall x Tall, five cross combinations of Dwarf x Dwarf, five dwarf genotypes, sevencross combinations of Tall x Dwarf, six cross combinations of Dwarf x Talland nine Tall ecotypes which were planted in six replications. Among different cross combinations, Kenthali showed lower rhinoceros beetle damage by recording 3per cent infestation as against 29 per cent infestation recorded in Chowghat Orange Dwarf x Kappadam. Tall xTall hybrids viz.,West Coast Tall x Tiptur Tall and Laccadive Tall x Andaman Ordinary Tall; Dwarf x Dwarf genotype, namely Chowghat Green Dwarf x Malayan Green Dwarf and Tall x Dwarf cross combination, namely, Tiptur Tall x Malayan Yellow Dwarf recorded nildamage of red palm weevil, whereas higher infestation was found in Dwarf x Tall genotype namely, Malayan Yellow Dwarf x Tiptur Tall (38%). The lowest damage index of eriophyid mite was found in dwarf varieties such as Andaman Ordinary Dwarf (0.45) and Chowghat Orange Dwarf (0.72.) as against higher infestation recorded in Aliyar Tall x Malayan Green Dwarf (2.08). Except VHC 2 and VHC 3, Tall xTall, Dwarf x Dwarf, Dwarf x Tall hybrids and all Tall and dwarf varieties were infested with Rugose spiraling whitefly. Tall ecotype, namely ECT –Marungapallam, recorded a lower infestation index of 0.87, whereas Dwarf x Dwarf genotype, namely Chowghat Orange Dwarf x Malayan Yellow Dwarf, recorded a higher infestation index of 2.2.

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