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Title : Screening of chrysanthemum varieties for postharvest leaf longevity and vase life on physiological and molecular basis

Abstract :

Twenty four varieties of chrysanthemum were screened for leaf longevity based on phenotypic and physiological traits. The experiments were laid out in Completely Randomized Design (CRD) consisting of 24 varieties with 3 replications. Out of 24 varieties minimum leaf longevity was recorded in cv. Pusa Shwet, while maximum in cv. Pusa Guldasta. Earliest leaf browning was recorded in cv. Raja whereas cv. Tata Century took maximum days for leaf browning. Maximum vase life was recorded in cv. Tata Century while minimum in cv. Yellow Reflex. Chlorophyll content and relative water content found to decrease with increase in storage after harvest. Maximum total chlorophyll and chlorophyll a content was recorded in cv. Pusa Guldasta while minimum in Pusa Shwet. However, Maximum chlorophyll b content was recorded cv. Jaya and minimum in cv. Raja. Maximum relative water content was recorded in cv. Tata Century while minimum in cv. Pusa Shwet. Thus among 24 varieties selected; two varieties viz., Tata Century and Pusa Guldasta performed best in terms of leaf longevity, vase life, chlorophyll content and relative water content.

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