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Title : Safety impact of neonicotinoid insecticide, Acetamiprid 20 SP on egg larval parasitoid, Chelonus blackburni Cam.

Abstract :

In agro-ecosystem, biological control agents like parasitoids and predators are the best alternatives to the pesticides, several of which have been replaced by new chemistry. The newer insecticides are eco-friendly, economical, more selective, highly safe and compatible with several biocontrol agents. Keeping this view the present study was undertaken to assess the effect of acetamiprid on the adults of C. blackburni. Results indicated that the acetamiprid 20 SP had significant adverse effect on the mortality of adults and also adult emergence at higher doses (acetamiprid 20 SP at 80 and 40 g a.i./ha) whereas acetamiprid at 10 and 20 g a.i./ha were found to be safe compared to standard check, monocrotophos.

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