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Title : Role of Potash nutrient in the management of Cassava Mosaic Virus Disease caused by Cassava Infecting Geminiviruses (CIGs)

Abstract :

Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz.) is one of the major tuber crops in tropical and sub-tropical Africa, Asia and Latin America where it is the basic staple crop for 500 million people. The major constraint in cassava production in India and Africa is Cassava mosaic disease (CMD) caused by Cassava infecting geminiviruses (CIGs) belonging to the family of Geminiviridae and Genus Begomovirus which is transmitted by whitefly Bemisia tabaci Genn. A study was carried out to manage the Cassava Mosaic Disease with graded doses of potash nutrient. In this study, least disease incidence (34.33 per cent), least disease severity (1.21), least concentration of Cassava mosaic virus (0.450), maximum plant height of 117.56 cm and maximum cassava tuber yield of 43.00 t/ ha were recorded in the cassava plants applied with 45:90:320 kg of NPK / ha as basal dose and 45:320 kg of NK / ha during split application at 90 DAP as against control (45:90:0 kg of NPK / ha as basal dose and 45:0 kg of NK / ha during split application at 90 DAP) [95 per cent, 4.53,1.947, 58.94 and 20.35t/ha respectively).

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