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Title : Rice husk Biochar: An effective management strategy against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Abstract :

To observe the effect of rice husk biochar in inhibiting the carpogenic germination of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, and its role in inducing defence mechanism in tomato plants against the pathogen to minimise the losses caused by Sclerotinia stem rot in tomato. In vitro and glass house experiment were carried out to test the effect of rice husk biochar in combination with bioagents against Sclerotinia sclertiorum. Rice husk biochar at the rate of 1%, 3% and 5% concentration completely inhibited the carpogenic germination of sclerotia. Rice husk biochar @1%+ Trichoderma harzianum @ 10gm Kg-1soil was found to be most effective amongst all the treatments in promoting plant growth and enhancing the production of defence inducing enzymes Phenyl ammonia lyase (PAL), Polyphenol oxidase (PPO), Peroxidase(PO) and Total Phenol Content (TPC) thus consequently reducing the disease severity.

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