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Title : Revoked Farm Laws: What Role Women played in farmers’ protests in Punjab?

Abstract :

Women's participation in farmer demonstrations is clearly important for achieving Sustainable Development Goal 5, which is gender equality. Agriculture decisions for conservation and sustenance are influenced by equality and equity. Gender has received minimal attention from researchers looking at farmer protests in India. As a result, the current research focused on the following questions: 1) What role do women play in Punjab's agriculture? 2) What role do women play in farmer protest if present? 3) What were the implications of farmer’s protests on women? The theoretical difficulties raised here have far-reaching implications, far beyond the Punjab region context. The findings indicated that women in large numbers participated in farmer’s protests in the states which are known for khap panchayats that led to the new role and empowerment. They were present with second in lead despite male-dominated society thereby challenging patriarchy. Along with household chores, they were continuously giving logistic support without which success of the protest was impossible. The farm laws had major implications on women who had limited bargaining power and preferred to sell their produce to nearby markets due to fewer transport facilities. Women’s struggles in the last year during the farmer’s protest portrayed that they are no more the silent backbone of agriculture and voicing out opinions that helped in achieving gender class unity and solidarity.

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