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Title : Response of Wheat to different sources of Coated Urea and N budgeting under assured irrigated conditions of Jammu region of J&K

Abstract :

A field experiment was conducted to study the response of different coated ureato wheat crop during the winter (rabi) season of 2017-18 at Agronomy research farm, SKUAST Jammu Chatha. Eleven treatments comprised of three types of coated ureas viz. Neem coated urea, Zinc coated urea and Neem + Zinc coated urea at various doses, replicated thrice laid out in a randomised block design. The use of different source and doses of coated N fertilizer had significant effect on the yield of wheat crop. The data revealed that treatment T8 (100% of Rec. N through ZnCU + Rec. P, K & Zn) showed significantly higher grain and straw yield. However, treatment T8 remained statistically at par with the treatments T7 wherein 15% N was reduced and rest 85% was applied through ZnCU and showed 3.7% higher yield and T2 wherein existing recommended dose of wheat is ok numerically Whereas, Agronomic use efficiency and Recovery Use Efficiency were found to be maximum in treatment T7 (85 % of Rec. N through ZnCU + Rec. P, K & Zn). Agronomic and Recovery Use Efficiency of treatment T7 was 33.6% and 32% higher over treatment (T2) wherein existing recommended dose of wheat is ok numerically i.e. 100% of Rec. N through urea + Rec. P, K & Zn was applied Nutrient (NK and Zn) uptake was also significantly higher in treatment T8 over the other treatments in comparison besides P uptake was higher wherein NCU had applied as a N source.

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