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Title : Response of root characters of transplanting redgram (Cajanus cajan L.) varieties under different nursery technique

Abstract :

The field experiment was conducted at Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai at kharif 2021 to evaluate the effect of different nursery technique on root characters of different redgram crop varieties. The experiment was laid out in Factorial Randomized Block Design (FRBD) and replicated thrice. The first factor comprised of three different nursery techniques such as portray nursery, mat nursery and polybag nursery and the second factor comprised of 7 redgram varieties of different duration such as short duration (APK 1 and VBN 3), medium duration (Co (Rg) 7) and long duration (ICPH 2671, ICP 7035, ICPH 2740 and Co 8). The experiment concluded that, in all redgram varieties polybag nursery achieved the highest root length, root volume, root nodules and root shoot ratio at (30.80 cm, 0.71 cc, 14.35 and 1.39). This will improve the growth and development of redgram crop.

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