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Title : Research on the performance of particles distribution of fertilizer point-applied device in root-zone

Abstract :

Root-zone fertilization (RZF) can improve fertilizer utilization, but the development progress of fertilizer point-applied device is very slow due to the principle lack of fertilizer particles distribution. In this work, a new type of fertilizer point-application device based on the mechanism of Geneva Drive is taken as the specific analysis object, the impacts of working speed, fertilizer discharging height and fertilizer discharging mass on the fertilizer particles distribution performance are explored by DEM-MBD simulation. The results show that the fertilizer distribution length increased with working speed, discharging mass and discharging height increasing. The increase of fertilizer distribution length by the increase of working speed can be sufficiently explained by the rotation speed increase of discharge wheel, resulting in the higher discharging velocity of fertilizer particles and bigger discharging angle range, and the relative fertilization time becomes shorter. The increase in discharging height leads to an increase in the time of fertilizer particles moving in the air, due to the various horizontal speeds of different particles after leaving the discharge wheel, there is a horizontal distance after the particles fall on the conveyor belt. The proportional increase of the discharging mass by the fertilizer volume can increase the area of fertilizer particles dispersed and the fertilizer stacking posture is related to the discharging velocity of fertilizer particles.

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