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Title : Research on field path tracking control technology based on multi-sensor fusion

Abstract :

Aiming at the problem of low automation of field transportation, the path planning and tracking control technology of tracked transfer vehicle are studied. A control system based on ROS (robot operating system) platform is designed. The system integrates the information of global satellite navigation system (GNSS) and inertial navigation system (INS), realizes the real-time acquisition of the actual position of tracked transfer vehicle in Hilly and Mountainous Orchard field with high precision, and adopts the fuzzy proportional integral derivative (PID) controller based on parameter optimization preview to realize path tracking. The test results show that under the condition of normal positioning signal, the average lateral deviation of transfer vehicle path tracking is 10cm; When the positioning signal is abnormal, the transverse deviation tracked by the transfer vehicle is 10.56cm, which can achieve the goal of automatic driving of the transfer vehicle in orchards in Hilly and mountainous areas.

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